RPG-XML Suite 3.0x Documentation

RPG-XML Suite is a collection of service programs, commands, and subprocedures that allows RPG programmers to work with XML, offer web services on the IBM i, and consume web services on remote systems.
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Name Category Description
RXS_Catch() Error Handling Catch an error data structure.
RXS_ComposeSection() XML Composition Write an XML template section to the composition buffer.
RXS_ComposeVariable() XML Composition Replace an XML template variable with a specified value.
RXS_Convert() Character String Conversion Perform commonly-used string conversions.
RXS_Crypt() Cryptography Perform commonly-used cryptography and hashing operations.
RXS_GetComposeBuffer() XML Composition Retrieve the current XML composition engine buffer into a variable.
RXS_GetEnvVar() CGI Retrieve an Apache environment variable or an incoming HTTP header.
RXS_GetJobCcsid() Utility Retrieve the CCSID of the current job.
RXS_GetStdIn() CGI Read data from standard in.
RXS_GetStmf() IFS Stream Files Read a specified stream file into a variable.
RXS_GetUrlVar() CGI Parse a URL path or querystring for a specified name/value pair.
RXS_JobLog() Utility Write formatted messages to the job log.
RXS_Parse() XML Event Parsing Parse XML data.
RXS_ProcessStmf() IFS Stream Files Perform commonly-used operations on a stream file.
RXS_PutEnvVar() CGI Set or modify a job-level environment variable.
RXS_PutStdOut() CGI Write data to standard out.
RXS_PutStmf() IFS Stream Files Write a variable to a specified stream file.
RXS_StartComposeEngine() XML Composition Initialize the XML composition engine.
RXS_Throw() Error Handling Throw an error data structure.
RXS_Transmit() HTTP Client Transmit HTTP requests to a remote server.