Requesting OS Upgrades

Your Kato Spaces system has access to operating system upgrades, performed by our team.

Operating system upgrades generally require about 6-8 hours of system downtime, and need to be scheduled a few weeks in advance. An optional full system save can be performed before the upgrade takes place, which provides an additional level of safety in the event that a rollback is needed. While there is no charge for the operating system upgrade itself, the system save/backup is an additional charge (except for customers who have our 14-day VTL backup package, who do not incur this additional charge).

To schedule an operating system version upgrade, please provide the following information:

  1. The operating system version you want to upgrade to
  2. When you would like to schedule your upgrade - a specific date/time, or a range (ie. “any time on weekends” or “weekdays after 5PM Central”)
  3. Whether you would like to include the full system backup
  4. If there are any concerns about compatibility with third-party programs

Please email our team at with this information to schedule your operating system upgrade.