Initialize RXS Router (INZRXSRTR)

The INZRXSRTR (Initialize RXS Router) command is supplied with the RXS Router. When this command is run from a command line, the RXS Router cache is updated to contain the current values from the RXSRTRCTL file.

This command can also be used to refresh the cached call pointers in Apache CGI jobs. This is useful because normally OS/400 will cache programs for reuse, but when you are doing web service development you will want Apache to pick up the latest version of the program after compiling it. Normally one would have to either recompile the entry level program to clear all cached call pointers or restart Apache. Neither of those options are optimal, so that is why we introduced the INZRXSRTR command to effectively refresh all cached call pointers.


Environment (ENV)

Specifies the name of the RXS Router environment to initialize. This corresponds to same-named members in the RXSRTRCTL and RXSRTRLOG files and a user space of the same name.

Note: If the RXSRTR environment does not exist, no error message will be displayed.

Possible Values:

All RXSRTR environments will be initialized.
The default environment called RXSRTR will be initialized.
Name of the RXSRTR environment to initialize.

Data library (DTALIB)

Specify the RXS Router data library. The RXS Router data library contains data objects required by the RXS Router runtime, including copies of the control file, log file and data cache.

Possible Values:

The first library in the library list of the current job which contains the objects specified above will be used.
The specified library will be used.