This subprocedure initializes a data structure with default values. Always intialize a data structure before use and always use this API instead of the RESET opcode.

A full list of DS-type constants is available in the RXSCB copybook.

Subprocedure Prototype

D RXS_ResetDS...
D                 PR                  Extproc('RXS_ResetDS') Opdesc
D  pOutputDS                          Like(RXS_Var1M_t)
D                                     Options(*Varsize)

Holds the data structure to be initialized with default values.

D  pTypeOfDS                     5I 0 Const

The type of data structure to be initialized with default values.

Example Code

*-------------------------------------------------------------- * This example code initializes most of the current RXS3 data * structure types using RXS_ResetDS(). *-------------------------------------------------------------- D gComposeDS DS LikeDS(RXS_ComposeDS_t) D gTransmitDS DS LikeDS(RXS_TransmitDS_t) D gParseDS DS LikeDS(RXS_ParseDS_t) D gCatchThrowErrorDS... D DS LikeDS(RXS_CatchThrowErrorDS_t) D gConvertBase64DS... D DS LikeDS(RXS_ConvertBase64DS_t) D gConvertBase64UrlDS... D DS LikeDS(RXS_ConvertBase64UrlDS_t) D gConvertCaseDS DS LikeDS(RXS_ConvertCaseDS_t) D gConvertCcsidDS... D DS LikeDS(RXS_ConvertCcsidDS_t) D gConvertUrlPercentDS... D DS LikeDS(RXS_ConvertUrlPercentDS_t) D gConvertUserDefinedDS... D DS LikeDS(RXS_ConvertUserDefinedDS_t) D gConvertXmlEntitiesDS... D DS LikeDS(RXS_ConvertXmlEntitiesDS_t) D gCopyStmfDS DS LikeDS(RXS_CopyStmfDS_t) D gCreateStmfDS DS LikeDS(RXS_CreateStmfDS_t) D gDeleteStmfDS DS LikeDS(RXS_DeleteStmfDS_t) D gGetStmfDS DS LikeDS(RXS_GetStmfDS_t) D gPutStmfDS DS LikeDS(RXS_PutStmfDS_t) D gMoveStmfDS DS LikeDS(RXS_MoveStmfDS_t) D gRenameStmfDS DS LikeDS(RXS_RenameStmfDS_t) D gOpenDomDS DS LikeDS(RXS_OpenDomDS_t) D gParseDomDS DS LikeDS(RXS_ParseDomDS_t) D gGetStdInDS DS LikeDS(RXS_GetStdInDS_t) D gPutStdOutDS DS LikeDS(RXS_PutStdOutDS_t) D gAesCryptDS DS LikeDS(RXS_AesCryptDS_t) D gMd5CryptDS DS LikeDS(RXS_Md5CryptDS_t) D gShaCryptDS DS LikeDS(RXS_ShaCryptDS_t) D gXsdValidationDS... D DS LikeDS(RXS_XsdValidationDS_t) D gCreateJsonDS DS LikeDS(RXS_CreateJsonDS_t) D gParseJsonDS DS LikeDS(RXS_ParseJsonDS_t) D gFormatJsonDS DS LikeDS(RXS_FormatJsonDS_t) /free RXS_ResetDS( gComposeDS : RXS_DS_TYPE_COMPOSE ); RXS_ResetDS( gTransmitDS : RXS_DS_TYPE_TRANSMIT ); RXS_ResetDS( gParseDS : RXS_DS_TYPE_PARSE ); RXS_ResetDS( gCatchThrowErrorDS : RXS_DS_TYPE_CATCHTHROWERROR ); RXS_ResetDS( gConvertBase64DS : RXS_DS_TYPE_CONVERTBASE64 ); RXS_ResetDS( gConvertBase64UrlDS : RXS_DS_TYPE_CONVERTBASE64URL ); RXS_ResetDS( gConvertCaseDS : RXS_DS_TYPE_CONVERTCASE ); RXS_ResetDS( gConvertCcsidDS : RXS_DS_TYPE_CONVERTCCSID ); RXS_ResetDS( gConvertUrlPercentDS : RXS_DS_TYPE_CONVERTURLPERCENT ); RXS_ResetDS( gConvertUserDefinedDS : RXS_DS_TYPE_CONVERTUSERDEFINED ); RXS_ResetDS( gConvertXmlEntitiesDS : RXS_DS_TYPE_CONVERTXMLENTITIES ); RXS_ResetDS( gCopyStmfDS : RXS_DS_TYPE_COPYSTMF ); RXS_ResetDS( gCreateStmfDS : RXS_DS_TYPE_CREATESTMF ); RXS_ResetDS( gDeleteStmfDS : RXS_DS_TYPE_DELETESTMF ); RXS_ResetDS( gGetStmfDS : RXS_DS_TYPE_GETSTMF ); RXS_ResetDS( gPutStmfDS : RXS_DS_TYPE_PUTSTMF ); RXS_ResetDS( gMoveStmfDS : RXS_DS_TYPE_MOVESTMF ); RXS_ResetDS( gRenameStmfDS : RXS_DS_TYPE_RENAMESTMF ); RXS_ResetDS( gOpenDomDS : RXS_DS_TYPE_OPENDOM ); RXS_ResetDS( gParseDomDS : RXS_DS_TYPE_PARSEDOM ); RXS_ResetDS( gGetStdInDS : RXS_DS_TYPE_GETSTDIN ); RXS_ResetDS( gPutStdOutDS : RXS_DS_TYPE_PUTSTDOUT ); RXS_ResetDS( gAesCryptDS : RXS_DS_TYPE_AESCRYPT ); RXS_ResetDS( gMd5CryptDS : RXS_DS_TYPE_MD5CRYPT ); RXS_ResetDS( gShaCryptDS : RXS_DS_TYPE_SHACRYPT ); RXS_ResetDS( gXsdValidationDS : RXS_DS_TYPE_XSDVALIDATION ); RXS_ResetDS( gCreateJsonDS : RXS_DS_TYPE_CREATEJSON ); RXS_ResetDS( gParseJsonDS : RXS_DS_TYPE_PARSEJSON ); RXS_ResetDS( gFormatJsonDS : RXS_DS_TYPE_FORMATJSON ); /end-free