This subprocedure retrieves a new RXS_ParseDomDS_t data structure from a parent XML structure, allowing you to retrieve and work with a subset of a larger XML document.

Subprocedure Prototype

D RXS_ParseDomToDom...
D                 PR                  Extproc('RXS_ParseDomToDom') Opdesc
D                                     Like(RXS_ParseDomDS_t)

Returns an RXS_ParseDomDS_t which contains information and pointers used by subsequent DOM parsing APIs.

D  pXPath                             Like(RXS_Var8Kv_t) Const
D                                     Options(*Varsize)

XPath used to determine which nodes are retrieved into the RXS_ParseDomDS_t return data structure.

D  pDS                                LikeDS(RXS_ParseDomDS_t)
D                                     Options(*Varsize)

RXS_ParseDomDS_t data structure, e.g. the “parent” structure.

Example Code

**FREE // This example demonstrates starting a DOM parsing session by using // RXS_OpenDom and then retrieving a subsection of the DOM structure. This is // usually helpful when working with large documents as it can make it easier // to specify the correct XPaths to work with the sections of the document // that you want to reach. It's important to call RXS_CloseDom once DOM // parsing has been completed to free memory used by the DOM parser. Ctl-Opt ActGrp(*New) BndDir('RXSBND'); /COPY QRPGLECPY,RXSCB Dcl-Ds RootDomDS LikeDS(RXS_ParseDomDS_t); Dcl-Ds BookDomDS LikeDS(RXS_ParseDomDS_t); Dcl-S XPath Like(RXS_Var8Kv_t); Dcl-S Data Like(RXS_Var1Kv_t); Dcl-S x Uns(10); Dcl-S gXML Like(RXS_Var64Kv_t); gXML = '<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>' + '<bookstore xmlns:test="testnamespace">' + '<book category="children">' + '<title lang="en"><![CDATA[Charlotte''s Web]]></title>' + '<author>E. B. White</author>' + '<year>1952</year>' + '<price>5.99</price>' + '<review><text>What a great book!</text></review>' + '<review><text>Highly recommended.</text></review>' + '</book>' + '<book category="cooking">' + '<title lang="en">Everyday Italian</title>' + '<author>Giada De Laurentiis</author>' + '<year>2005</year>' + '<price>30.00</price>' + '</book>' + '</bookstore>'; RXS_ResetDS( RootDomDS : RXS_DS_TYPE_PARSEDOM ); RootDomDS = RXS_OpenDom( gXML ); XPath = RXS_XPath( '/*:bookstore/*:book' ); RXS_ResetDS( BookDomDS : RXS_DS_TYPE_PARSEDOM ); BookDomDS = RXS_ParseDomToDom( XPath : RootDomDS ); // Any subsequent XPaths used to query BookDomDS no longer // need to include the /*:bookstore/ portion of the XPath. for x = 1 to BookDomDS.NodeCount; XPath = RXS_XPath( '*:book[%u]/*:title' : x ); Data = RXS_ParseDomToText( XPath : BookDomDS ); RXS_JobLog( 'Title: %s' : Data ); // This will output: // Title: Charlotte's Web // Title: Everyday Italian endfor; RXS_CloseDom( RootDomDS ); return;

Data Structures

D RXS_ParseDomDS_t...
D                 DS                  Qualified Template Inz
D   ReturnedErrorInfo...
D                                     LikeDS(RXS_ReturnedErrorInfoDS_t) Inz
D   DataStructureType...
D                                5I 0 Inz(RXS_DS_TYPE_PARSEDOM)

Internal use only

D   OnErrorMessageType...
D                                5I 0
D   InputCcsid...
D                               10I 0

Specifies the CCSID of the XML being parsed.

D   OutputCcsid...
D                               10I 0

Specifies the CCSID the parsed data will be converted to.

D   Stmf...
D                                     Like(RXS_Var1Kv_t)

Specifies an IFS path to an XML file to parse instead of the Input parm.

D   NodeCount                   10U 0

Contains the current count of XML nodes tracked by this data structure.

D   NodeType                    10I 0
D   xmlPtr                        *

Internal use only

D   docPtr                        *

Internal use only

D   contextPtr                    *

Internal use only

D   dictPtr                       *

Internal use only

D   currentPtr                    *

Internal use only

D   parentPtr                     *

Internal use only

D   Reserved                  4096A

Internal use only